What is PR Holo?
The PRHolo is a product consisting of a hologram character in human scale, with receptionist or public relations functions (PR Hologram), in a company reception or an event, interacting dynamically on user-requested information, serving as a mentor guide and a useful information source.

This experience is developed from an innovative 3D holographic projection system (3D Holography), which enables real hologram display (3D Digital Hologram).

It is a powerful holography technological innovation, with an extraordinary visual impact, because the holograms are project "in real space" with a spectacular projection of 3D holograms in real size of the human figure (Human Hologram), who dazzles audiences around the world.

This holographic technology enables the projection of objects or characters, in space with personalized digital content to help reinforce the message. Users find themselves involved in a unique and interactive experience, with holographic projections in real contexts. (Moving Holograms).

These product present two modules, which can acquired together or separately:
A closed structure, box-shaped, which contains a holographic character, displayed on a 2D plane with volume.

A holographic projection, made on a cylindrical shape in order to provide a holographic projection in 360 format (3D), allowing users to view the character from any angle, like a real human figure.
Both modules are equipped with volumetric sensors for movement detection, internet connection and a content management system that allows configuration and parameterization of the entire system, with a very intuitive holographic interface. It also give the user, the possibility to interact with a tablet or smartphone.
The content management system has several libraries of holographic content.
This holographic technology system also allows interaction - Interactive Hologram. The interaction with the holograms can be made by using the Kinetic technology, (motion detection) or through an external touchscreen application (touch Hologram).

Our technology holograms company has a department of holographic research and development, which is able to custom holograms production, depending on each client needs.

This integrated solution aims to add value to any product, making it more appealing, attractive and impactful. The product is sale in a modular form, and could be acquire in components, with easy assembly by the customer.

Technical information:
• High Definition Holographic Effect Foils up to 16k (according to the Holographic Projector - Holographic Display);
• Advanced Tension System for larger foil spans (Hologram Shows / Hologram Concerts);
• The Hologram Dimensions – Seamless Holographic Foil up to 12 meter by infinite width;
• The Holograms Material and all Holographic equipment are in accordance with Fire Safety - NFPA 701 & 702 Class 4 flame resistant;
• The Video Hologram (Holographic Video) supports video formats Quicktime, AVI, and WMV. The hologram production is perform by using digital content (Digital Holograms);
• Frame rate will vary depending on what effect you want to produce in the holographic 3D devices and techniques (Pyramid Hologram / Hologram Reflective / Reflection Hologram);
• The holograms are customized (Hologram Custom Made) and may be presented on a stage (Stage Live Hologram) and In-a-Box (Hologram Structure Device), with different sizes, lengths, widths and position;
• This holographic technology is available for sale (Hologram for sale) and rent (Hologram for rent) in the following models:
Custom Hologram Buy
Custom Hologram Rent
Standard Hologram Kit
Hologram Display

This Holographic platform is perfect for innovative presentations, which can be used for commercial and promotional purposes, with holographic projection of products and institutional presentations, using holograms in real size of the human figure (Human Hologram).

Another important aspect is the possibility of making hologram virtual presences or teleconferences, in real time and with interaction.

The digital signage and advertising market, museums, exhibitions and events, are the main target of this technology. This technology creates memorable experiences, providing a strong entertainment and education component. This unique experience allows the user to be in the presence of virtual figures, in a huge variety of settings and contexts:

Hologram Marketing: creating marketing and promotion strategies, using Holographic technology to promote products or brands (eg cars holograms, characters holograms, beverage holograms, etc.).
Show Hologram: 3D Holograms can be used at fairs, events, conferences, presentations and in the lobby of any company.
Hologram Presentation: holographic memorable experiences that also provide a strong entertainment and education component.
Telepresence Hologram: Conferences with virtual presence via holographic video, business meetings using the 3D hologram of each participant.
Hologram Exhibition/Holographic Advertising: Enables the product hologram presentation and a strong presence in exhibitions, with the use of virtual holograms.
Hologram Concert: holographic spectacles of creation, with the attendance of any artist or band for virtual hologram.

Global communication markets are increasingly demanding. There is currently a huge appetite to access the holographic experiences in a diverse market segment.
The holograms or holographic products turn out to be actually a differentiated and innovative approach, which aims to surprise, the unexpected and the emotion that, therefore, conquer and seduce any user.
Digital technologies, in particular the holography, have an enormous potential both in events and activations brands as education and entertainment. This reason is due, above all, to the ease of communicating personal and interactively, overcoming some of the problems presented by more traditional means, more static.

It also acts like a reference, retaining the visit longer in the visitor's mind.

For more information about purchase and costs, of PRHolo or PRHolo 360, supply, administering and other products, please contact us through the available contacts.